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Ferro provides manufacturers with materials to enhance the functionality, durability or beauty of products that touch our lives every day.  From cars and appliances to containers and packaging, building and industrial products to household furnishings, personal electronics to medical devices, Ferro is all around you – enhancing life through superior materials performance .   

Ferro-Nubiola Union Creates Color Solutions Powerhouse

We are pleased to announce the addition of Nubiola to Ferro, along with its innovative portfolio of Ultramarines, specialty Iron Oxides, Chrome Oxide Greens and Corrosion Inhibitors.

Ferro Introduces Advanced Water-Based Products for Ceramic Tile Decoration

Ferro Inks 4.0, the latest generation of digital tile decoration products, delivers greater color intensity and larger particle size for matt, glossy, white and lustre effects.

Ferro Heightens High-Voltage Capacitor Performance in Medical Equipment

Formulated dielectric powder products are used to manufacture multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), which have a wide range of end-use applications, including medical devices such as MRI machines, portable defibrillators, and wireless vital sign monitoring systems.

Ferro Enamels Help Office Building Make Bold Statement

S1de ONE enhances beauty, durability of Amsterdam’s “The Rock” Office Tower.

Ferro Improves Organic Inks for Decorating Container Glass

The latest generation of SpecTruLite organic inks is a step forward in delivering a more user-friendly, cost-effective system of organic decoration, suitable for both single-trip and returnable glass bottles.

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