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Supplier Relationships

Supplier Code of Conduct
Our success at Ferro Corporation has been built upon a foundation of corporate and social responsibility and sound business ethics.  It is our belief that in the world of business today, our competitiveness, our success and our future depend greatly on the strength of our supply chain and our ability to compete collectively.  To align our day-to-day conduct and our longer term vision of success it is essential to clearly state our expectations regarding our suppliers' business conduct as it pertains to Ferro business. Ferro's policies and practices are consistent with these principles that serve to protect the interests of our community, our employees, our shareholders, our customers and our suppliers. We have high standards and intentionally choose to do business with suppliers who share these values and sense of global responsibility.
Please review our Supplier Code of Conduct

California Tranparency in Supply Chains Act
Please review our disclosure pertaining to the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

Ferro Policy Regarding Sourcing of "Conflict Minerals"
Ferro is committed to responsible sourcing of materials used in the manufacture of its products.
Conflict Minerals Policy (Revised May 2016) 

Supplier Hotlines
Ferro has implemented toll-free supplier hotlines around the world as part of our continuing efforts to assure compliance with the Corporation’s legal and ethical policies.  These are confidential, toll-free hotlines available for use by any supplier who has reason to believe a member of Ferro Corporation is in violation of legal and ethical policies. 
Ferro Supplier Hotline Numbers

Vendor Qualification Process
Our suppliers play a vital role in our mission to provide superior value for our customers. Ferro’s commitment to unrelenting customer success means that we seek to develop true "win-win-win" long-term partnerships with suppliers that can help us provide exceptional value for our customers.

Ferro’s policy is to select suppliers that offer the best overall value.  Price is only one component of overall value.  Other factors include: the ability to consistently meet or exceed our requirements, providing quality goods and services, minimization of supply risks, and the ability to adapt to our environment.  Potential suppliers must meet certain minimum qualification requirements to work with Ferro.  These requirements will vary depending on the product or service, however, the following criteria are commonly required before entering into any business relationship:

Financial Stability
We will review credit and financial reports in the process of determining whether a potential supplier has sufficient credit ratings and is financially sound. Suppliers must be able to provide their most recent financial statements.

Established Business
Potential suppliers should be in business for at least a year, be able to demonstrate their track record and revenue for that period, and can provide references of satisfied customers.

Taxpayer Identification Numbers
Suppliers must be able to provide a Federal Taxpayer ID or equivalent if domiciled outside the United States of America.

Insurance Requirements
Potential suppliers must have full insurance coverage compatible with the risks of their business, such as General Liability Insurance, Automobile Liability, Workers' Compensation, Employer's Liability and Professional Liability. Ferro determines the insurance coverage required by our contracts.

Quality Standards
Suppliers must provide high quality products and equipment that are fully warranted. Suppliers must perform services professionally and to our satisfaction.

If you are interested in becoming a Ferro raw materials supplier, you can download this Check List and mail to:

Ferro Corporation
6060 Parkland Boulevard
Suite 250
Mayfield Heights, OH 44124  USA
Attn: Procurement

or fax to: 216-875-5621.