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There's a reason why the word "winning" surfaces in conversations at Ferro. Winning is what we continuously strive to do -- from Fort Worth, Texas, to Tsukuba, Japan; from Mexico City to Fayoum, Egypt; from Saint-Dizier, France, to Suzhou, China. No matter where we are on the map, no matter what the task, we don't miss an opportunity to push ourselves, our teams and our Company to the next level of achievement and success.

If being part of a winning team is part of your career plan, we invite you to submit your resume.

Here's how:

  1. To view U.S. job opportunities and submit your resume, click here.
  2. For other opportunities at Ferro sites around the world, choose a location from the drop down regional menus below.
  3. After the email launches, create your message and attach your resume.
  4. In your email subject line, indicate the area of employment you are seeking.  Please choose from among these options:

Commercial/Product Management/Sales
Environmental, Health and Safety
Human Resources
Information Systems
Plant Operations
Research and Development
Supply Chain/Logistics

Europe / North Africa

Latin America / Mexico

Asia Pacific

Read about Equal Employment Opportunity in the U.S.

Thank you for your interest in Ferro!

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