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Performance Coatings

Tile Coatings
Frits, glazes, colors and inks for decorating ceramic tile.
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Vetriceramici, a Ferro Company: Vetriceramici produces fusion colored grains, technical grains, matte colored micro-grains, frits, double charge products, ceramic glazes, and inks for digital printing.
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Structural Ceramics
 Frits, glazes and colors for roof tiles, stove tiles, bricks and sanitaryware.
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Fine Ceramics
Glazes, stains and frits for the dinnerware industry.
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Porcelain Enamel
Porcelain enamel products for coating appliances, cookware, sanitaryware, water heaters, building panels, signage, and chemical storage vessels.
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Performance Colors and Glass

Black enamels and conductive pastes for automotive glass. 
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Colors, glass enamels, organic coatings and inks, and media and covercoats used for decorating bottles, tabletop goods and packaging glass by direct application and with decals. Forehearth colors for coloring glass. 
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Conductors, resistors, ceramics and glass in different shapes and forms for use in electronic components such as micro-electromechanical sensors (MEMS), passive components, high and low temperature co-fired ceramic  (HTCC, LTCC) devices and micro-circuits produced on substrates such as ceramic, metal and silicon.
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Colors, inks and coatings for appliance and architectural flat glass; functional coatings and pigments and specialty glasses used in dental applications, grinding wheels, spark plugs and other industrial applications; Process Temperature Control Rings (PTCR), materials for laser marking, and nanofilm coatings for glass surfaces.
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Pigments, Powders and Oxides

Complex Inorganic Color Pigments for the paint, plastics and ceramics industries that are highly heat stable, lightfast, and chemical and weather resistant.
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Nubiola, A  Ferro Company: Nubiola produces an innovative portfolio of Ultramarines, Specialty  Iron Oxides, Chrome Oxide Greens and Corrosion Inhibitors.
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Liquid Colors & Dispersions
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Metal Powders
Standard and custom precious and base metal products (powders and flakes) used in electronic-based applications such as plasma displays, touch screens, solar cells, and electronic shielding.
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Surface Technologies
Alumina, ceria and zirconia powders and slurries used in automotive, plastic lens, glass and semiconductor chip polishes (CMP Chemical Mechanical Planarization).
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