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Color Stains

Today, Ferro is one of the largest suppliers of ceramic pigments (stains) in the world. We have color plants and laboratory facilities that are located in all of the major ceramic manufacturing countries, in order to provide customers with any needed local technical service. Our pigments are man-made materials, which closely duplicate the properties of their natural parents and have withstood the corrosive effects of the sun, wind, and rain for centuries. So it follows that the “artificial mineral” will exhibit comparable properties, such as high stability and chemical inertness.

In addition to developments in firing technology to facilitate energy savings, the preparation of colored/raw/glaze slip is also changing to a faster and less-expensive process. There is a trend to eliminate ball milling, in favor of rapid dispersion techniques. For this reason, we have paid special attention to the dispersability of the pigments in the glaze slip, resulting in a new range of readily dispersible stains for ceramic glazes, appropriately named InstantColor and InstantColor Plus.

A comprehensive palette of vivid and attractive pigments, formulated for a wide spectrum of glaze types and processing conditions, is offered to our customers world wide. Our Inclusion Pigments (based on stable Zr-Cd-Se and Zr-Cd complexes) offer users the ability to produce vivid, eye catching red, orange and yellow glazes at high temperatures.

For customers who require stains for colored bodies and engobes, we have a wide spectrum of stable, consistent pigments, which are manufactured under strict processing conditions to meet the technological and application needs of the market and the evolving types of body now being offered.

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