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Frits and Glazes

As one of the world's largest suppliers of performance materials, Ferro offers a wide range of ceramic glazes for all applications. We supply most of the world's leading manufacturers of fine ceramics with their ceramic coatings. We offer a customized product, specially developed for each application by a highly-trained and dedicated technical staff.

Specifically, we have been at the forefront of the development of unleaded glazes for dinnerware and cookware, and guarantee that our products contain less than 0.1% PbO, with every individual batch being subjected to third-party accreditation for lead content, irrespective of batch size. This in turn ensures that our customers have access to full traceability in their manufacturing process.

Where applicable, our glazes comply with today’s exacting detergent durability requirements. Ongoing research into more durable coatings (particularly for catering and hotelware) continues to ensure that our glazes offer the best available in-service characteristics for customers.

Our CerDeCoat® range of glazes includes:

  • Transparent, opaque and colored glazes
  • Reactive and effect glazes
  • Glossy, matt and satin-matt glazes
  • Low-solubility lead-containing and unleaded glazes
  • High-quality, high-performance frits for in-house glaze manufacture

Whatever the substrate type, application method, firing temperature/cycle or market performance criteria, we have the technology to consistently deliver the appropriate product and desired after-sale customer service.

Product Information Sheets are available for review. Specific technical requests can be made using the Web Inquiry Form.