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Porcelain Enamel

Ferro is the world’s leading supplier of porcelain enamel. Porcelain enamel is a glass that is bonded to metal (generally carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron or aluminum) at temperatures from 1000°F – 1600°F (540 - 870°C).  Porcelain enamel has long been used as an ultimate-quality, highly durable coating on large and small appliances, cookware, sanitaryware, water heaters, building panels, signage and chemical storage vessels.

Ferro’s core value of customer-centric thinking and commitment to innovation are key to the porcelain enamel business.  Originally developed by Ferro, the electrostatic application of porcelain enamel powder continues to give manufacturers an energy-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional wet application. Ferro also pioneered ready-to-use porcelain enamel formulations for liquid applications, which are favored by manufacturers because they require no adjustment / modification prior to their application.  Our technical support personnel are involved in our customers’ material specifications and evaluation, product design, and manufacturing process characterization to help customers optimize the effective application of our products to create high customer value.

We believe by offering the highest performance materials that we supply porcelain enamel materials with the best overall value to the customer by minimizing rejects and scrap.  Ferro’s porcelain enamel plants are ISO registered and certified.  Ferro Porcelain Enamel is committed to sustainability, and environmental, health, and safety is a key component of Ferro’s core values and behaviors.  Ecological friendliness and REACH regulatory compliance are key considerations in the formulation of all new products.

  Production of glass frit to make porcelain enamel.

Porcelain Enamel frits and powders.

Performance Attributes of Porcelain Enamel Coatings

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