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Ceramic Trend Galleries

Driving Change
The challenge for the future will be the creation of harmonious relationships among human beings, nature, and technology. A new ethic will guide the change toward lasting values: quality instead of quantity, authenticity and sustainability, interpreting the dreams and emotions of every person. A mood of simplicity can be perceived, enhanced by delicate decorations and motifs inspired by traditional crafts, lace making, embroidery and patchwork. Primary resources are being rediscovered, and direct contact with nature is expanding with material interpretations of plant textures, including various woods, paper, rubber, etc. Decorations overlap in a mix of motifs borrowed from antique carpets and fine filigree work. The wide expressive potential of clay, stone, plaster and authentic marble is explored. A post-industrial aesthetic vision is taking form, based on details inspired by metal, concrete and rubber. Luminosity and transparency find eloquent expression in new vitreous blends and crystalline formulations. By way of setting up a contrast to this deliberate understatement, the “surprise effect” is still quite strong. A powerful burst of energy and an innovative thrust are provided by chromatic effects, as well as by experimental mixes and new technologies.


MOODS 2011

“Beauty will be our salvation,” wrote Dostoevsky. "Who will save beauty?”

Design, ideas, innovation. In a harmonious quest for a personal and original aesthetic language. The freedom to mix elements and materials, to layer decorations and colours, creating a unique style with inventive verve in a constant play of give and take. Bold graphics, optical design and micro-geometric patterns change rhythm; they repeat and multiply, are enhanced by anomalous chromatic intrusions and are transformed into original puzzles.

Contrasts and illusions that trick our senses. Floral motifs and classic decorations are delicately developed in an alternating evocation of past and present, without ever appearing nostalgic. Lines, marks, messages and subtle strokes, blurred and eroded, appear dematerialized in their neutrality. The twentieth century, with the wealth of its avant-garde movements, provides us with a plethora of splendid decorative inspirations with a modern flair. Stylised flowers, sprouts and bulbs, as well as the rigorous construction Deco and Bauhaus motifs. Elements of urban decoration, metals, cement, stone, walls and prospect stimulate new solutions for large spaces, transforming themselves into three-dimensional relief effects or profound incisions, modulated by plays of light and shadow. They are embellished by metallic intarsia effects, colourful veining and rusty streaks.

Scrapes and cracks invent rudimental imaginary material effects. Inspired by nature, wood, cork and rattan surfaces predominate. Sometimes in the original rough forms or polished and smoothed, wavering between stark austerity and sense of warmth and protection. Inspired by textiles, intertwining, woven effects, netting and tangles appear as if solidified on surfaces, imperfect and unique. Upholstery and carpet patterns, lace and macramè narrate stories of ancient tradition. Primitive multiethnic inspirations blend with refined expressions of advanced art and culture liberating the imagination and daring to vaunt bold colours, testaments to parallel universes, the kaleidoscope of our age.