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Ferro. The culture of color

Today, Ferro is the largest supplier of ceramic stains in the world and the tile business absorbs a great part of them.

Color plants are established in all the major ceramic manufacturing countries and laboratory facilities are maintained in Ferro's world-wide locations, in order to provide customers with an unbeatable local technical service.




Learn more about the main product ranges:

Stains for Glazes
Ferro has developed its stain range in step with the technological advances that have revolutionized ceramic tile production, and the desire to adapt to the specific needs of each and every client has always been their  motivation.
Stains for porcelain stoneware
Throughout history the ceramist has colored ceramic material. However, as new firing techniques require different body mixes, the traditional metallic oxides would not produce the required results anymore. For this reason new metallic oxide compound-based stains have been developed.

Because specific product reference numbers may vary slightly between Ferro operations, check with your local Ferro representative regarding specific pigments and their technical specifications.