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Stains for porcelain stoneware

Throughout history the ceramist has colored ceramic material. However, as new firing techniques require different body mixes, the traditional metallic oxides would not produce the required results anymore. For this reason new metallic oxide compound-based stains have been developed.


The mixes of metallic oxides contain only metallic cations and oxygen ions.

These compounds are calcined at high temperatures, then atomized to obtain highly specific particle size distributions.

One of the strongest characteristics of this carefully selected color range is its stability at high temperatures.


Our stain range will allow you to create specific glazes that meet the requirements of your production program.

Ferro offers clients its technology and experience so that even the most demanding color requirements can be met.

Our technicians boast years of experience in this sector, and they will be happy to advise you on any matter relating to colors, engineering, as well as the ideal kiln temperatures for your type of production.

If you would like more detailed information about Ferro stains for porcelain stoneware, please contact your nearest Ferro branch.

Code Description Composition  3% Max temp. Particle size
CK 30400 yellow ZrSiPr 1230 ºC 4 M
CK 30626 buff TiSbCr 1230 ºC 3 M
CK 30627 buff TiSbCr 1230 ºC 4 M
CK 31029 buff TiWCr 1230 ºC 4 M
CK 31500 brown FeCrAl 1230 ºC 3 M
CK 32056 rose FeSi 1230 ºC 2 M
CK 32055 rose FeSi 1230 ºC 2 M
CK 32840 pink AlMn 1300 ºC 3 M
CK 33535 black FeCr 1230 ºC 3 M
CK 33735 black FeCr 1230 ºC 3 M
CK 34800 green CrAl 1300 ºC 4 M
CK 34126 green CrCoZn 1300 ºC 3 M
CK 35173 blue CoAl 1300 ºC 2 M
CK 35825 blue CoAlZn 1230 ºC 3 M
CK 35850 turquoise ZrVSi 1300 ºC 5 M

For further information or to receive a copy of the catalogue, please contact us.