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Ferro Frits: a tradition of quality

Ceramic frits are vitreous compounds, not soluble in water, obtained by melting and then rapidly cooling carefully controlled blends of raw materials. The frit production process allows the use of soluble raw materials that would be soluble in water, e.g.: fluxes (B, Na, K, Li, Pb)





Being world leader in frit production, FERRO:

  • Implements a strict raw material approval and supplier selection process
    in compliance with the ISO – 9001: 2000 quality system.
  • Has the most advanced frit production technology, with 2 systems of kilns,
    continuous and batch, depending on the frit type.
  • The customer can rely on a highly efficient backup service capable
    of delivering an innovative product and adapting it to unique conditions
    and requirements.

Ferro has a wide range of products and our technical service team is always ready to review customer needs and help deliver all your requirements.

Because specific product reference numbers may vary slightly between Ferro operations, check with your local Ferro representative regarding specific frits and their technical specifications.