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Third-fire Tile Decoration

The history of ceramic decoration dates back several thousand years to when, between 5000 and 2000 BC, nomadic populations began to form settlements, developing agricultural practices,building dwellings, and making the first household tools.

By 2000 BC the ancient Egyptians were producing the first glass and enamels for metals. While our history does not date back as far as 2000 BC, we do at Ferro have an extremely long history and wide experience in ceramic decoration, setting us apart from all other producers of decorating colors and precious metals.

We believe that we should share our wealth of experience with others, particularly with the people who, as ceramists, can best exploit its potential through their work. That is why we continuously improve our product-ranges and offer you new products to use.

A ceramic tile is far more than just a technical artifact whose chemical and physical characteristics must conform to certain standards. First and foremost it is a work of artistic design, requiring skilful use of color and decorative elements. It makes a statement, communicating who we are and what we want to say, whether at home or at work. To aid the design process, we are now offering new ranges of third fire decoration products, including lustres and precious metals. Ferro offers a broad range of high-quality products capable of meeting a wide variety of requirements.

These pages feature the standard collections of widely used and extensively tested products. We can, of course, also meet customers’ special requirements with an additional range of products complementing the standard collections. Provided a batch meeting certain size-limits is ordered, we will even create custom products to precise specifications.

Low Temperature Decorating Series

High Temperature Decorating Series

Screen-Printing Bases

Special products


Metallic and Interference Colors