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High Temperature Decorating Series

With more extensive use of third firing decoration nowadays, and with the arrival of vetrosa, firing temperatures have been increasing to a range that fluctuates from 980° C to 1050° C with a cycle time of 50-60 minutes.

In accordance with this new trend, we have experimented with our new third firing colors and received positive results, including use with vetrosa. We suggest using screens from 77 up to 100 threads/cm2 .

These colors are completely intermixable. They can also be mixed with a white base TF 17019 to obtain pastel shades, or can be mixed with the flux TF 39028 to lighten colors. If you wish to improve the melting point of the colors, add the flux TF 39028 in varying proportions up to a ratio of 1:1.
For good results we propose our water-soluble medium TF 95 .The mixing ratio for screen printing paste is 50-60 parts of medium to 100 parts of color. The equipment and screens can be cleaned with water.

For the mixing process we suggest using a triple-roller mill or other refining machine. According to production needs, a longer drying time can be achieved by adding 5-10 % polyglycol.

Code Description   
TF 94028  blue green 
TF 93574  green 
TF 95500  cobalt 
TF 95090  turquoise 
TF 90032  lemon yellow 
TF 90475  orange 
TF 40078  red 
TF 92304   burdeaux 
TF 95100  yellow brown 
TF 91040  brown 
TF 90134  chocolate brown 
TF 93011  grey 
TF 93018  black 
TF 92021  pink 
TF 91020  coral 
TF 39384  neutral base   
TF 17019  cerium white   

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