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Screen-Printing Bases

The products in this range offer some different decoration possibilities. The bases are subdivided into opaque, transparent, glossy and different types of matt.

There are also products for special effects like lustre and metallic bases.

The bases are ready to use, but they can also be colored by our decoration color series for low and high temperature.

Preparation and application

The bases can be mixed with our water-soluble media and prepared in a three-roller mill or other refining machine.

For thinner application layers (77-90 threads/cm2 ), we recommend our medium TF 95 which can also be used for brush application.

The mixing ratio for screen-printing paste is 50-60 parts of medium to 100 parts of base. For brush application, water should be added to adjust to the desired processing viscosity.

Thick layers or high relief prints (21-36 threads/cm2 ) should be prepared with the faster drying medium TF 95.

Glossy white printing bases

The range of white bases contains products with different proper ties. Due their varying degrees of whiteness, they develop diverse pastel shades when colored. When printing thin layers, TF 39006 is the whitest base at higher temperature.

At lower temperature (880° - 950° C), the TF 009 produces the most opaque layer.
In thick layers they all have a good coverage.

Matt white printing bases

The range of matt bases contains products from silky matt to smooth surfaces, to strong matt to create rustic surfaces.

These bases can be combined with our decoration colors to achieve pastel shades. TF 30110 is an intensive white with a silky surface and a wide firing range. As a base for coloration, we propose TF 39096, which develops intensive colors. Relief prints with sharp edges can be realised with the addition of 5-10% TF 39045 for a firing cycle of 1000° C/60’.

For high relief, it is necessary to apply the paste three or more times by screen with 21 threads/cm2.

Non colored screen-printing products
 Code   Description   Temp. ºC   Threads nº   Lead   Lead-free  CoE. 
 TF 39384   neutral 'high temperature'   930-1000   77-90#   *     64 
 TF 38122  neutral 'low temperature'  800-950  77-90#  *    63
 TF 39046  matt protective high temperature  930-1000  77-90#  *    79
 TF 17020  white cerium temperrature  940-1020  77-90#  *    79
 TF 39006  white glossy high temperature  960-1020  10-36#  *    51
 TF 009  white glossy low temperature  800-950  10-36#  *    56
 TF 39001  protection glossy high temperature  940-1000  18-48#  *    67
 TF 39045  white hard high temperature  940-1000  10-36#    *  61
 TF 39028  smelting high temperature  960-1000  77-90#  *    76
 TF 39000  sinking high temperature  940-1000  36-48#  *    65
 TF 39080  matt transparent antiacid high temp.  940-1000  36-100#  *    63
 TF 30110  matt white  930-1000  10-363  *    62
 TF 39040  luster high temperature  960-1000  48-90#    *  62
 300/708  'craquel' crystalline  850-1000  10-48#    * 106
 TF 39100  matt chamaleon  940-1000  36-48#  *    74
 TF 39125  silver points  960-1000  10-21#  *    67
 TF 39175  gold points  960-1000  10-21#  *    67
 TF 39087  black points  960-1000  10-21#  *    67

Glossy transparent printing bases

The transparent bases create very high glossy surfaces. Used with our decoration colors, they develop intensely brilliant colors, even at low levels.

Matt transparent printing bases

A range of different transparent matt bases for diverse surfaces and temperatures is available. These can be used for overprinting designs. The transparency depends on the base and on the thickness of the applied layer. The bases develop rich and intensive matt colors when mixed with our colors.
The most transparent base is TF 39080.

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