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Special products

With these products it is possible to create diverse shades and surfaces. The range contains lustre, metallic, iron aventurine and special effect products.

For application of lustre, we propose screens between 77-90 threads/cm2 .

Metallic bases should be applied with 55-77 threads/cm2 .

Please note: To prevent pigment breakdown, metallic bases should not be processed in ball mills.
Lustres can also be colored by adding small quantities of our decoration colors. We recommend between 1-3%. Using higher quantities may reduce the lustre effect.

The fired surface of metallic effect products can be slightly rough when the layer is too thick or the underglaze is very matt. To prevent this, it is possible to add some flux. We suggest 5-10% of TF 10117.

Metallic screen printings
Code Description Temp. ºC
43830 bronze 1000-1040
47830 copper 1000-1040
44830 hematite 1000-1040
595/SE-2727 silver 1000-1040

  Metallic glazes
Code Description Temp. ºC
554/7A1 silver 1200
564/7A5 gold 1200
330/BE-422 bronze glossy 1000-1100
330/BE-420 gold glossy 1000-1100
TF 39031 silver glossy 1000-1040
TF 39033 silver matt 1000-1040
TF 39030 silver matt 1000-1040

Matting agent

Matting agents are used to increase the degree of mattness of other products. Our matting agent is compatible with most of our bases. The amount added depends on the base and varies from case to case.
We suggest beginning tests adding between 5-10%.

Code Description Lead CoE.
TF 69440F matting agent  *  65

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