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Vetrosa no longer poses any problems for third firing production. For this reason we offer a whole variety of different vetrosa for different applications.

Usually transparent vetrosa is used, but opaque and matt types are also popular, and other types are effective for specific applications like relief or polishing.

Vetrosa application

Normally vetrosa is applied dry without a bonding agent on vitrified surfaces. The best place to make this kind of application is as near as possible to the kiln entrance.

If this is not possible, an adhesive film can be printed beneath the Vetrosa to fix it in place. Vetrosa can be applied over the entire tile surface or only to portions of it. It is normally applied by a special dry application machine, which works with screens from 8 to 21 threads/cm2. For laboratory tests, vetrosa is applied using a polyester or nylon screen from 10 to 32 threads/cm2 .

Third Firing
Code Description Temp.ºC Threads/cm2 N. Lead Lead-free CoE.
Transparent low temperature Vetrosa
202/4H4 transparent low temperature  800ºC  10-21#    *  60
Metallic crushed frits low temperature
500/6H2 silver  800ºC  10-21#  *    
500/6H3 green  800ºC  10-21#  *    
500/6H4 blue  800ºC  10-21#  *    
500/6H5 gold  800ºC  10-21#  *    
500/6G9 pearl-colored  800ºC  10-21#  *    
Transparent vetrosa
TF 00602/90 fine particle size  1000ºC  10-21#    *  57
1103988 low c.o.e.  1000ºC  10-21#    *  49
Transparent vetrosa for polishing
TF 30151/90 fine particle size  960-1000ºC      *  62
Silky white matt crushed frit
TF 30275/40 matt crushed frit  960-1000ºC  10-21#  *    62 
TF 30273/90 silky white antiacid matt crushed frit  960-1000ºC  10-21#    *  53
Matt transparent crushed frit
1107270 matt transparent  960-1000ºC  10-21#    *  56
White glossy crushed frit
TF 00171/40    960-1000ºC  10-21#  *    61
Relief white crushed frit
TF 23053 relief white hard  960-1000ºC  10-21#    *  56
Vetrosa paillettes
TF 00610/90 gold points  960-1000ºC  10-21#    *  57
TF 00620/90 silver points  960-1000ºC  10-21#    *  57
TF 00640/90 black points  960-1000ºC  10-21#    *  57
CoE. = linear expansion coefficient 10-7 1/K (50-400ºC)

Direct firing
Code Description Temp. ºC Threads/cm2 N. Lead Lead-free CoE.
Transparent cetrosa for monoporosa direct firing
TF 50600/90 fine particle size  960-1000ºC  10-21#    *  54
TF 50600/45 coarse particle size  960-1000ºC  failing-a    *  54
White glossy chrused frit for monoporosa dirent firing
TF 50075 white glossy  1000ºC  10-21#    *  58
Matt vetrosa for direct firing
TF 50020 matt  1000ºC  10-21#    *  49
Rustic matt crushed frit
TF 50072 rustic matt  1000ºC  10-21#    *  61
Relief crushed frit
TF 50098 white hard  1100-1120ºC  10-21#    *  52
TF 292 to mix fine crushed frit          
CoE. = linear expansion coefficient 10-7 1/K (50-400ºC)

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