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Ferro is market leader and has led the development of HMF black bands and conductive pastes for the global automotive industry. These products are specified by the major glass manufacturers and can be seen on vehicles made by the global auto makers, including GM, Ford, Daimler-Chrysler, VW, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, BMW and Mercedes.

Ferro was one of the first to develop a lead-free enamel for use around auto windshields that met critical parameters set by the industry. Lead-free enamels are environmentally beneficial and help auto manufacturers reduce costs and hazardous waste.

Enamel Pastes

Automotive Glass Enamels for Tempered Glass
This product line includes a number of standard lead-free product families made with varying properties to meet current anti-stick, buss-bar-hiding, opacity, and durability specifications set by automobile manufacturers.

Automotive Glass Enamels for Laminated Glass 
In addition to traditional Surface 4 enamels, we have new product innovations that cover the latest requirements for the Surface 2 application.

Automotive Glass Enamels - General Information 
General information on properties, technical specifications and medium systems.

Conductive Pastes

Ferro produces a wide range of silver pastes and related products for the automotive glass industry. While this document describes the main properties and technical data for products in our conductive pastes range, we can work with customers on modified formulations to meet specific requirements.

General Guidelines for Use

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