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CerDeColor Decoration Colors

CerDeColor® is an extensive line of low toxic metal release and lead- and cadmium-free Decoration Colors to meet the exacting performance demands of the ceramic industry in the 21st century:

These color ranges have been produced under the most stringent manufacturing conditions to ensure that contamination from minor material impurities is minimized to a level that does not impact their ability to comply with current legislation on toxic metal release in the global market.

These user-friendly, environmentally safe colors have been formulated for use as Onglaze, Inglaze or Underglaze Deco systems. Their fluxing characteristics render them suitable for use on a variety of substrate types, including Enamel, Porcelain, Bone China, Vitreous China, Stoneware, and Earthenware. They are also capable of being fired under both fast-firing and conventional longer firing cycles.

All Ferro Deco Colors can be supplied in dry powder form or pre-mixed in a variety of specialized Media to meet the application needs of the customer, including Direct Screening, Decal Printing, Spraying, Lining/Banding, T.T. and Offset Pad Printing, Stamping and Hand Painting. We also offer a wide range of Media to suit the these application processes, together with a selection of specialized Covercoats. More information is available in the CerDePrint – Media Guide.

The updated CerDeChromAdvanz system of Color Management software and Onglaze and Inglaze Colors offer a major leap forward in the tri-chromatic process printing of ceramic decals.

Product Information Sheets follow. Specific technical requests can be made using the Web Inquiry Form.

For those Decal Printers interested in the printing of Ceramic and Glass Decals using UV (Ultraviolet) Curable Inks, Ferro has pioneered the development of its versatile and technically advanced range of CerDeCure UV Inks and Printing Media. Combining CerDeCure materials with CerDeChromAdvanz process printing technology and colors brings unprecedented benefits in terms of unit decal cost reductions, increased print productivity, faster printing cycles and significantly enhanced finished decal quality.

Product Information Sheets on the use of CerDeCure materials follow. Specific technical requests can be made using the Web Inquiry Form.