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Organic Coatings and Inks (SpecTruLite)

SpecTruLite waterborne coatings and inks set new standards in environmentally friendly heavy metal-free and low VOC organic decorations that do not compromise on quality, performance or style.

SpecTruLite waterborne coatings and inks offer a spectacular broad color palette, which includes heavy-metal free bright reds, yellows and oranges, and special effects, such as frosts. SpecTruLite organics have good glass adhesion, mechanical and chemical resistance, and are especially suited to high-speed decoration and bottle filling lines. They are used by package designers and brand managers to give their products stand-out shelf appeal. They are ideal for use on cosmetic and perfume containers; liquor, soft drink and other beverage bottles; food packaging, tumblers and household containers; giftware and advertising specialties; lighting; glass furniture, mirrors and appliance glass.

All SpecTruLite products can be cured at low temperatures compared to glass enamels, reducing energy and maintenance costs. Curing can be done in a conventional decorating lehr with the various heat zones adjusted to deliver lower temperatures. Low-temperature curing has the added advantage of introducing less residual glass stress, enhancing the potential for reductions in glass bottle weight.

Organic Coatings
SpecTruLite waterborne coatings can be applied by electrostatic disc, aerobell or spray-gun to ensure maximum benefits in throughput, product yields and cost.  Our single-pack epoxy-based system is widely used throughout the container glass industry.

Organic Inks

Our RTP (cold print) and HTP (hot-melt) inks are fully compatible with our coatings, meaning maximum design potential can be achieved. Inks can be used for both single-trip and multi-trip bottle applications.

RTP inks are supplied in liquid paste form and need to be cured after each print. They are generally used for single-print applications but can also be used as the final print of a multi-color project.

HTP inks are recommended for multi-print applications. These inks are formulated to be dry to the touch on immediate contact with glass, such that the next print can be immediately over-printed using high-speed multi-color decoration machines. This is a big advantage of the HTP system. Although application conditions and machine settings are significantly different, machines typically used for printing glass enamels can be easily converted to print organic inks. HTP inks can be used for multi-print jobs on machines traditionally used for glass enamel decorations, minimizing the investment cost of converting to organic colors.

Color Mixing and Matching
We offer a standard mixing palette of colors, which gives our customers the flexibility of tailoring mixings and color matches on site. Using our basic ranges of coatings and inks, the possibilities are almost endless. Decorators and designers can prepare a vast range of colors and effects – from high-gloss clears, opaque, metallic, pearlescent and matte colors to colored imitation acid etches. Coatings can be applied singly or in combination, as an all-over even finish or to deliver diffused flow-out effects. We also provide custom color-matching and can create special effects in our technical service laboratories.

A complete new organic palette of high performance heavy-metal-free coatings for bottles and containers
ThermoPlastic and Standard Inks
A complete new organic palette of high performance heavy-metal-free inks for superior screen printing.

SpecTruLite Waterboarne Organic Coatings Literature

95 Series Single-Pack System (N. America)

Intermixable Color Standards (N. America)

Organic Inks
RTP Series
HTP Series
Kristal Transparent HTP