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Ferro's Decoration Color product offerings include:

CerDeColor® – Low toxic metal release and lead- and cadmium-free colors to meet the exacting performance demands of the ceramic industry in the 21st century. Products include brilliant decorating colors for onglaze, inglaze and underglaze application on various substrates.

Media -- Screen printing media (thixotropic, flowing & UV) and covercoats (thixotropic & flowing) for indirect printing (decal). Product portfolio includes all materials for heat release application. Media for professional direct application with machine, brush, spray gun, etc. and special auxiliary materials complete the program.
Media Guide (English)
Media Guide (German)

Xpression – Organic colors for decal printing on wood, plastic, porcelain, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, coated aluminum, and varnished surfaces. Applications include bicycle and motorcycle helmets, motorcycles and other vehicles, skateboards, skis, bicycles, surfboards and other sports equipment, strollers, furniture, bottles, vases, lampshades and small household appliances, displays and industrial labels.

These colors are produced under the most stringent manufacturing conditions to ensure that contamination from minor material impurities is minimized to a level that does not impact their ability to comply with current legislation on toxic metal release in the global market.

Container Glass Enamels - Inorganic glass enamels formulated to meet the needs of our customers from all market segments:
- Beverage bottles for single- and multi-trip use
- Cosmetic and perfume bottles
- Glass tableware, stemware and tumblers
- Glass decorative and promotional ware
- Lighting
- Pharmaceutical, ampoules and laboratory glassware

Organic Coatings and Inks (SpecTruLite)
- A full palette of organic colors (coatings and inks) for direct printing on glass offers decorators and designers a wide choice of coloring effects and possibilities, including cadmium-free reds. Market segments served:
- Beverage bottles for single-and multi-trip use
- Cosmetic and perfume bottles
- Glass tableware, stemware and tumblers
- Glass decorative and promotional ware

Forehearth Colors - Almost all colors produced in the tank can be made using FHC technology. In addition, FHC delivers many advantages over tank coloration, such as improved productivity, greater flexibilty, lower inventory and shipping costs and reduced energy consumption. The colorants are available as concentrates, pearls or in fritted form. FHC equipment and layout design services are offered, together with a full color matching service to suit your particular glass formulation(s). 



Note: Small quantities of decoration colors and media may
be purchased at:

Furtweg 23
04680 Colditz
Phone:  +49 34381-837-35
Fax:  +49 34381-837-68