HIC Au-based Systems

Ferro’s Gold-based system of conductors, resistors and dielectrics provides the reliabilty, performance, and dependability required of Military, Power Hybrids, Medical Electronic, and Multi-chip Module applications. Ferro’s Gold Multi-layer system meets the most stringent requirments for high reliability circuits under extreme operating conditions.

Application Product Description
Au Conductors ERC4150 General purpose, fine line gold for 1 and 2 mil Au wirebonding
ERC4001 Via Fill, High conductivity, low shrinkage
CN30-801 Top/bottom layer for 1 and 2 mil Au wirebonding
ER3204D Top Layer fine line gold, 1 mil Au wirebonding, etchable for RF applications
PtAu Conductors ERC4202 Excellent solderability and aged adhesion on Al2O3
Dielectric ER8301 Low warp, dense, hermetic, cross-over and multi-layer dielectric
DL10-038S Crystallizing cross-over and multilayer dielectric, 850 °C Fire
Overglaze DL11-045 Green, 505 °C Firing
DL11-194 Green, 600 °C Firing, Acid-resistant

Pb/Cd Free 
All other products comply with EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU with regard to exemption of lead contained in the glass system of thick film materials used in electronic components