Conductive Polymers, Epoxies, Lacquers and Adhesives

Application Product Description
Ag Conductors P2141 Removable silver polymer designed for electroplating or preassembly testing in PCBs
P2546 Termination conductor for potentiometers
PS4103 125°C Low Temperature Curable, Fine Line resolution (50 um line/space)
PS4110Room temperature, air-drying Ag conductive adhesive for flexible electronics
62000007Air-drying Ag conductor for spraying, dipping, or painting
62101014Screen printable Ag conductor for flexible electronics
62900342Screen printable Ag conductor; excellent scratch resistance
Resistors P3900 Series 10 ohm/square to 100 Kohm/square, ± 700 to ± 1000 ppm/°C TCR
Overcoat P6280C Series Hard, durable surface; available in blue, green, black, and white

Pb/Cd Free 
All other products comply with EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU with regard to exemption of lead contained in the glass system of thick film materials used in electronic components