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Multilayer Materials

Ferro supplies a wide variety of materials for all chip component applications including:

  • Titanates such as barium titanate, barium strontium titanate, strontium titanate, magnesium titanate, calcium titanate, bismuth titanate, neodymium titanate, magnesium calcium silicon titanate, and lead titanate.
  • Zirconates, including calcium zirconate, barium zirconate and zirconium oxide.
  • Oxide materials such as titanium dioxide, tin oxide, calcium stannate, bismuth trioxide, and magnesium zinc niobate.

Our multilayer materials business merges the activities of facilities Hanau, Germany; Tsukuba, Japan; South Plainfield, New Jersey; Penn Yan, New York; and Vista, California.

Additives and Setter Sands

Ferro offers an extensive line of titanate, zirconate, stannate and oxide additives for use in ceramic capacitor dielectric formulations. Several setter sands used in firing multilayer ceramic capacitors are also available.

Barium Titanates

Ferro manufactures the world's broadest line of solid-state barium titanates.

Pastes for Components
Ferro offers a broad selection of conductor pastes suitable for many applications in multilayer and chip components.

  • MLC Electrode Pastes
  • MLCC and ML-VDR Termination Pastes
  • ML Inductor Pastes
  • Thermistor Pastes
  • VDR-pastes for discs, blocks, squares
  • Pastes for PZT Actuators and other piezo-ceramics

Click here for more information about our paste products.

Dielectric Formulations for Ceramic Capacitors

Ferro's extensive line of dielectric formulations for ceramic capacitors includes products compatible with precious metal and base metal electrode systems.

Dielectric Formulations for High-Frequency Applications
Ferro manufactures dielectric materials that perform in various high frequency applications, including resonators, filters and antennas. Click on the heading at left for more information.


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