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Architectural and Appliance

Ferro is the leading supplier of lead-free enamels for spandrel glass used in office buildings and other commercial facilities. We were the first to develop and introduce lead-free enamels for this market. Over the last decade, almost every glass manufacturer in the U.S. and Europe has shifted to lead-free coatings for spandrels and glass oven doors and furniture, a majority of which we supply.

Our lead-free coatings have been applied to spandrel glass in many of the world's leading commercial structures, including the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the award winning Transportation Center in Los Angelas, the Blue Cross Building in Boston, the Sears Tower in Chicago, and many others.

Ferro was the first to introduce lead-free color systems for flat glass in North America. Much of Europe and the rest of the world also converted from leaded to lead-free, driven by environmental and health-at-work concerns and legislation.

Ferro offers a number of standard intermixable colors from different systems.

  • System 140 Lead-Free
    System 140 is an intermixable, zinc-based system, designed for decorating spandrels, interior glass, appliances, and furniture. It can be applied by screening, roller-coating or spraying.
  • System 76 Lead-Free Bismuth Versicolors
    System 76 is a bismuth-based series and is a bismuth-based series originally developed for the North American market and is ideal for screen-printing and roller-coating on flat glass.
  • System 2030 Leaded Colors 
    System 2030 can be used by decorators who are not specifying lead-free colors.

System 140 and System 76 are not recommended for first-surface architectural applications. Oxidation and external weatherability can adversely affect performance of these systems when applied as first-surface decorations for outside use. However, Ferro's new S1de ONE enamels were developed specifically for first-surface applications.

  • S1de ONE Lead-Free 
    S1de ONE was launched at Glasstec '06. This new exciting line of  first-surface enamels provides architects and designers with a wide range of design and special-effects options that are typically not possible with standard architectural enamels. The unique patented glass in the S1de ONE system delivers significant improvements in outside weathering and chemical durability.


  • LustReflex 
    LustReflex hi-reflective, semi-mirror coatings provide a screen-printable alternative to CVD and PVD coatings to create patterned effects and designs.
  • Superhydrophobic Coatings 
    Superhydrophobic coatings are utilized in specialty EZ-clean market applications.
  • System 76 Metallic Colors
    These lead-free metallic colors are available to create unique effects and designs.

Ferro also offers a complete color matching service. Our color matching labs are continually working on new and improved colors to meet your needs and provide fast and accurate color matches. This service is supported by computer color matching and a vast database of RAL and NCS color matched shades

Etch effects are available as frost, translucent, and in various colors to produce satin etch finishes, sand-blast effects, and coarse and fine textures. Our Technical Service Centers around the world can provide specific product information and advice.

Ferro medium systems are available for application by screen-printing, roll-coating, spraying, and curtain-coating. These environmentally friendly, water-mixable systems have been developed specifically for use with our lead-free colors.

For more than 100 years, Ferro has been supplying and servicing the glass and ceramic industries. We take pride in our worldwide reputation for solving difficult color and decoration problems. Our staff of technical experts are proficient in both laboratory techniques and basic production methods used in the glass industry. They can provide on-the-spot assistance for customers. Manufacturers, decorators, architects, and designers around the world depend on Ferro's knowledge and skill in research, development and production to help maintain high standards of quality and product performance.