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CerMark™Laser Marking Materials

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This patent protected technology delivers permanent marks on metals, glass and ceramic parts for a diverse range of industrial and manual applications, ranging from aerospace to the awards and engraving industries.

Ferro offers a full laser marking package, including technology licensing, integrated equipment solutions for industrial applications, and CerMark materials.

For metals, parts can be permanently marked with high contrast, high resolution marks for logos, barcoding, identification and serialization purposes, without damage to the substrate. With glass and ceramics, complex surfaces can be decorated or marked and the traditional firing process replaced by a laser, with its permanent bond fired on in seconds.

Marks on stainless steel survived the following tests:

  • Abrasion (scratch resistance)
  • Salt water spray
  • Lubricants
  • Blow torch (available in spray cans)

Colorful marks can be obtained on glass surfaces using CerMark laser marking materials. Marks have been achieved by YAG, CO2 and diode pumped lasers and can be made by other forms of radiant energy.

Marks on glass have been tested for resistance to acids, bases and scratching.

View technical information for Ferro laser marking products designed for these substrates:


Mark quality depends on a variety of factors, including the substrate used, marking speed, dot size, overlap, materials thickness, and laser parameters. Materials may be applied by various methods, including a brush on technique, spraying, pad printing, screen printing, roll coating, tape, and others.

We'll work closely with you to develop customized laser marking materials and a marking process to fit your operations. For more information, contact Customer Service at 1-800-245-4951.


NASA's International Space Station was home to aluminum squares lasermarked with CerMark's LMM-6000 for nearly a year.

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