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Laser Marking on Metal

Cermark metal marking materials are capable of making high contrast, permanent marks on various metals with CO2, YAG and diode pumped lasers. To date, marks have been made on: stainless steel, aluminum, tin, copper, brass, chromed steel, titanium, tungsten carbide and lead-coated steel. The material is also expected to work on niobium, tantalum, silver, gold, palladium, platinum and pewter.


The nature of the marks depends on a variety of variables relating to our material and the interaction of the laser with the substrate. Laser parameters such as dot size, power and writing speed need to be varied depending on the substrate to be marked. Usually the best marks are made with the laser operating in the CW mode.


Our material can be applied to the substrate by tape or label, spray, pad-print, roll-coat, screen-print, or brush. Once applied and dried the laser makes the mark. Any excess material is removed by brushing or washing with water, leaving behind a permanent, high-contrast mark. Marks on metal have withstood military lubricants, salt water spray, high heat and abrasion tests.

LMM-6000 Paste
LMM-6060 Paste
LMM-6018 Tape
LMM-6038 Tape
LMM-6904 Anodized Aluminum