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Flat Glass Colors, Inks and Coatings

Ferro is the leading supplier of lead-free enamels for spandrel glass used in office buildings and other commercial facilities. Our lead-free coatings have been applied to spandrel glass in many of the world's leading commercial structures.  We were the first to develop and introduce lead-free enamels for this market.  Nearly every glass manufacturer in the U.S. and Europe has shifted to lead-free coatings for spandrels and glass oven doors and furniture, and Ferro supplies a majority of those companies.

Products for Architectural and Appliance Flat Glass

Ferro has acquired Dip-Tech. Learn about digital offerings for flat glass markets.

Functional Coatings, Pigments and Special Glasses

Ferro's product range comprises pigments and special glasses for the electrical and electronic applications. We offer coating materials for the modification of ceramic surfaces like insulators or spark plugs. Our specialty glasses are used for the bonding of abrasives and superabrasives in the grinding wheel industry, as lubricants for the hot-processing of metals, as filler material for composites and in various other areas.

Special Glasses
Frits for the Grinding Wheel Industry
Inoculants for Investment Casting
Special Frits for Safety Cables
Pigments for the Dental Industry
Dental Glasses
Glazes for Technical Ceramics

CerMarkTM Laser Marking Materials

CerMark laser marking materials can be used to mark on metal with CO2 lasers and on glass and ceramic surfaces with YAG and fibre lasers. They provide high-quality, high-contrast, permanent and colorful marks on many surfaces for serialization, identification, security, and decoration.

More information about Laser Marking Materials
TherMark is now part of Ferro.  Read our press release.

Process Temperature Control Rings

Process Temperature Control Rings are highly accurate ceramic temperature indicators that can be used in both batch and continuous-tunnel kilns. They record the true heat treatment received by the fired product by taking into account both radiated and transferred heat, as well as the effects of temperature over time. The rings allow this recorded heat exposure to be expressed as a single number that is practical and easy to work with.

Process Temperature Control Rings
Process Template Control Rings Q/A
Ferro's New PCTRs for Lower Temperatures