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News and Case Studies

Color and Glass World Newsletters keep our customers informed about our new product developments and industry trends:

  • Autumn 2017 - Ferro Glass Goes Digital with Acquisition of Dip-Tech; World Kitchen Combines with Ferro to Create the Pyrex® Watercolor Collection; Pinturas Benicarlo Organic Coatings Integration Complete; Special Glasses for Safety Cables
  • Spring 2017 - Ferro on the Acquisition Trail; Chinese Auto Glass Expansion; Silver Pastes for Lead-free Soldering; Leaders in Design Innovation for Glassware
  • Autumn 2016 - Ferro Introduces Digital Printing Technology at Glasstec; Pinturas Benicarlo Acquired by Ferro; Special Glass Colors for E-Coated Glass; Laser Marking of Bar Codes on Advanced Ceramics
  • Spring 2016   New Fluorescent Forehearth Colors for Glass; CerDeChrom Colors for Ceramic Printing, 7-Color Process with SKY100 Unleaded Inglaze Colors; Metallic-Effect Starlight100 Unleaded Series Launched for Coloring Dinnerware; Ferro's Global Pigments Business Expands with Acquisition of Nubiola
  • Summer 2015 – Ferro Leads the Way in Architectural Glass; Improving the Quality of High Temperature Process Control; Ferro Expands Laser Marking; Ferro Colors Your Table
  • Spring 2015  Welcome to Haig Club; Ferro is All Around Your Car; Putting the Style into Russian Architectural Glass; Goping Green with Ni-Free Pigment Green 50; Ferro Colors Your Table
  • Autumn 2014 –  Glasstec 2014 issue; s1de One Loved by Architects; Organic Inks for Glass Packaging; New Digital Printing Technology for Auto Glass; Silver Pastes for Inductive Heating of Porcelain
  • Spring 2014  Organic Colors for Low Temperature Decals; s1de One Architectural Colors Launch in N. America; Forehearth Coloration for Architectural Glass; Nickel-free Forehearth Colors; Ferro Dental Stains; SpectruLite HTP Organics for Multi-Trip Soft Drink Bottles; Ferro Helps with Absolut Originality and Absolut Flavored Vodkas Redesign
  • Autumn 2013 21st Centyr Automotive Glass, Forehearth Color Expansion in France, Amazing Architectural Glass, Mir Stekla Review, Electrolux Bluefire, At One With Nature: Uludag Premium Sparkles with Ferro Forehearth Colors
  • Spring 2013  Les Halles - The New Heart of Paris, GlassTec Review, s1de ONE Colors Withstand Tough Acidrain Pollution in Asia, New Automotive Blacks, Ferro is Everywhere: Helping Bring Brands to Life, Converting Take Colors Using Foreheart Color Technology
  • Autumn 2012 Ferro Russia Wins Awards and Builds Brands, Organic Ink Improvements, Digital Printing Developments for Glass, Asian Forehearth Expansion
  • Spring 2012  Forehearth Coloration for Mexico's Grupo Modelo, Ferro Reduces Volatile Organic Compounds, Ferro at the Olympics, Thermoplastic Organic Inks
  • Winter 2011 Ferro Innovations in Building Decoration, Absolut Exclusively for Travelers, Sustainability at Ferro, Consumers Prefer Glass
  • Spring 2011 New High Performance Autoglass Blacks, Multi-Color Organic Inks & Coatings, Ferro Sparkles With Major Drink Brands, S1de One Decorates Mahler Building
  • Winter 2010 Ferro Decorates World’s Tallest Building, Absolut Brand Image Enhanced, Supercar Sales Accelerate
  • Spring 2010 – 2010 New Car Launches with Autoglass Blacks & Silver Pastes, Stolzle Glass Group Expands with Ferro Forehearth, Hot Melt Organic Inks for Containers, Ferro Continues to Expand in China
  • Summer 2009 – McDonald’s Glass Giveaway, Nanofilm Protective Film, Move to Russia, Laser Marking
  • Autumn 2008 – Nanofilm Coatings, Organic Coatings Use Growing, Grupo Vitro A Global Success, Brazil Auto Market, Asia Auto Market Drives Demand for Ferro Enamels
  • Spring 2008 – Wal-Mart Beverage Tappers, Switch from Bismuth to Zinc, S1de ONE Innovation, Russian Vodka Decorated with Organics, Tsukuba Increases Production Capacity
  • Autumn 2007 – Glass Systems Eliminating Leaded Products, Zinc System for Architectural Glass, Bismuth-Free Enamels, GEMStone Colors, New Silver Paste Enables Finer-Line Grids
  • Spring 2007 – Absolut Vodka Decorations, Global R&D, Changes In Screen Printing, 28 New Products in 2 years
  • Autumn 2006 – New Generation Auto Enamel, New Container Line, J.E. Berkowitz, L.P., Ferro Expands Color Forehearth, Laser Marking Firms Reach Accord
  • Spring 2006 – Auto Antistick Enamel, Lotus-Effect Keeps Autobahn Toll Readers Tracking, Acrylic Spray, Forehearth Technology in Asia
  • Winter 2005 – CerMark Laser Marking in Space, Lancelot Whiskey Relaunched, Ceylon Glass, Forehearth Trend, New VNL Series
  • Summer 2005 – Ferro Coats Three Global Landmarks, Schilling Expands Production, CerMark for US Coast Guard, New Option For Screen-Printable Reflective Coatings