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Ferro leads the market with more than 30 years of ceria particle engineering. Our breakthrough chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) technology met the needs of the semiconductor industry for smaller line widths with greater circuit density in 2004 with a ceria-based, high-selectivity STI CMP slurry that allowed manufacturers to move from 90 to 65-nm technologies. As the market continues to demand reduced circuit size at each technology node, Ferro has optimized its ceria manufacturing process to produce second-generation, solid-state particles and slurries that provide efficient removal with consistent, extremely low defectivity.

Particle Engineering Advantages
Ferro's latest advance in CMP technology enables high-yield processes for next-generation devices. Our second-generation solid-state ceria particle processing reduces defects significantly. Particle surface chemistry, combined with proprietary chemical packages, allow variations of selectivities and oxide removal rates. We have used them to create two new TruPlane™ STI and new SureStop™ ILD slurries and can customize formulations to meet specific needs.

TruPlane STI Slurries provide the following advantages:

  • Post-etch defectivity < 0.20 scratches/cm2
  • Oxide-to-nitride selectivity > 100:1
  • High planarization efficiency, large over-polish window

These slurries are being used for high-volume manufacturing of 65-nm Flash devices. They can also be used for 45-nm node logic devices.

SureStop ILD Slurry:

  • Automatically stops polishing when topography is removed
  • Requires no endpoint detection
  • Reduces cycle times and costs
  • Improves efficiency and uniformity
  • Reduces defectivity compared to standard ILD slurries 

Ferro also makes ceria- and alumina-based polishing compounds that enhance performance of eye glasses and contact lenses, precision optics, liquid crystal displays, cathode ray tubes, quartz crystals, glass ceramics, crystal, and flat glass. Contact your Ferro EMS representative for more information.