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Cerium Oxide

Ferro Electronic Material Systems is the world's leading supplier of cerium oxide polishing compounds. We manufacture a range of purities and particle sizes that are produced chemically and in solid state reactions. We can produce an average particle size smaller than 100 nm. We pride ourselves on having the most consistent products in the industry.

Applications include:

  • CMP — Semiconductor (logic and memory storage) devices, dielectrics and STI
  • CRT — Faceplate and seal edge polishing
  • LCD — STN and TFT glass polishing
  • Flat Glass, Mirror — Cleaning and bevel polishing
  • Ophthalmic — Mass production, molds and Rx lens polishing
  • Precision — Polishing of high quality lenses used in the electronics and high precision optics industries; watch crystals and quartz polishing
  • Photomasks — Soda lime, borosilicate, quartz
  • Disk — Glass and glass ceramic substrates
  • Crystal — Decorative and glassware
  • Additives — Urethane, resin and rubber based formulations for wheels and polishing pads