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European Products and Markets

We develop, produce, and market pigments, special glasses, glazes, and special coating materials in Europe. Our innovative, high-quality products are used by the ceramic, electric, and automotive industries, as well as by the plastics and paints industries.

Complex Inorganic Pigments
Complex inorganic pigments are synthetic minerals that are defined as the most heat stable, lightfast, chemical and weather resistant pigments known to exist. Ferro offers high-quality brilliant pigments in various shades that add color and performance properties to plastics, coatings and other products.

Cool Colors® and Eclipse®
Ferro's latest technology, Cool Colors® and Eclipse® pigments were developed to reflect solar energy. High infrared reflecting Cool Colors® and Eclipse® pigments are used to lower heat build-up and reduce energy consumption in a number of exterior coatings and plastics applications. They are available in a broad range of color shades, including black.

Nubiola Ultramarine Blue and Violets
The World’s Leading Ultramarine Blue Pigments

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