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Paint, Ink & Coatings Plasticizers

In acrylic latex, Santicizer®160 is an excellent plasticizer for reducing the Tg of the acrylic polymers used in paints and coatings. Santicizer®160 is highly compatible with acrylics, allowing formulators to increase filler levels without sacrificing the physical performance of their paints. Santicizer®160 can improve coalescing and cold check performance of cure films.

All of our Benzyl Phthalate products provide excellent weatherability, paintability and long term anti-fungal properties in paints and coatings.

Santicizer®160 and Santicizer®141 improve flexibility and cold check performance of nitro-cellulose films. They are primarily used to plasticize flexographic inks used in food packaging applications where FDA approvals are required.

European Santicizer® 160

European Santicizer® 261

European Santicizer® 278

North American Santicizer® 160

North American Santicizer® 261

North American Santicizer® 278