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Specialty Plastics

Filled and Reinforced Plastics (Engineered Polymer Products)
Ferro produces filled and reinforced plastics - specially formulated filled and reinforced engineered thermoplastic compounds and specialty polyolefin alloys used in automotive and appliance applications, household furnishings and leisure products. Ferro provides solutions in material performance, selection and formulation, and assistance with part and mold design, molding and mold flows.

Liquid Colors, Dispersions, Gelcoats, and CordoBond®
Ferro's liquid and paste color dispersions are produced using resin-matched vehicles that are totally compatible and/or reactive with all thermoplastic and thermoset plastics - suitable for a wide variety of processes.

Our ULTRASHIELD® and SUPERSHIELD® gelcoats are used in applications such as boats, wind tubine blades, recreational vehicles, truck bodies, sanitaryware, swimming pools, and other polyester composite parts. Our new High Performance Coating (HPC) offers improved weathering and durability at significantly reduced levels of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) when compared to standard LVOC gelcoats. Ferro also produces performance clear and specialized gelcoat for sanding and tooling applications.

Plastic Colorants (Engineered Polymer Products)
Our plastic colorants and additives enhance performance properties of plastic products and add distinctive special effects in appliance, automotive, agricultural, household furnishing and packaging applications.

Advanced Polymer Alloys/Advanced Polymer Compounding (Engineered Polymer Products)
Ferro produces a broad selection of elastomeric  materials including  the world's most complete line of melt processable elastomers for demanding end use environments, thermoplastic elastomers for general purpose and over molding applications, and lower-cost, high performance, melt-processible elastomers for extrusion and injection molding applications. Ferro also toll manufactures a wide range of polymers to meet customer's specific needs.