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CORDOBOND Leveling Compound

CORDOBOND Leveling Compound

Color Resin: Yellow
: Straw Color
Consistency Resin: Stiff, putty like
Activator: Fluid

Activated Resin: Paste
Viscosity 260-270 (1/10 mm units) at 70°-75°F
Cure Time An applied CORDOBOND Leveling repair will harden and cure in approximately 2-4 hours at 70°-75°F and, generally, can be sanded and drilled at this time. Curing can be accelerated by the use of heat lamps or electric heaters. A complete cure develops in approximately 7 days at 70°-75°F.
Pot Life

Approximately for 1/4lb. unit

Temperature Cure Time
70° - 75° F 10-15 min
Shelf Life Minimum 1year
(under normal
storage conditions)
Packaging Resin-1 pint can
(slack filled)
Activator- 4 oz. Bottle

CORDOBOND Leveling Compound is a two-component, easily applied, repair material consisting of resin plus reinforcing filler and activator. When the activator is mixed into the resin, it produces a fast-curing, tough, reinforced fairing compound that will bridge and smooth over large pitted areas.

Physical Properties
CORDOBOND Leveling Compound has excellent impact strength and dimensional stability. Abrasion and corrosion resistant, it is not affected by moderately high or sub-zero temperatures. CORDOBOND Leveling Compound requires no external heat to cure.

CORDOBOND Leveling Compound can be used in every phase of industry including marine, refineries, public utilities, farming and chemical. It produces a fast curing patch to smooth over pits and holes on metal surfaces and will forma non-sagging, uniform repair which may then be lightly sanded.

General Patching Conditions
CORDOBOND Leveling Compound is trowel applied.
Clean all surfaces thoroughly, removing all paint, grease, dirt, etc. The adhesion of a CORDOBOND Leveling Compound repair depends upon the condition of the surface of the substrate with which it is in direct contact.

Do not mix resin and activator until actually ready to use. Resin container is slack filled to permit addition of activator for mixing.

Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Use rubber gloves, goggles and protective clothing. Follow the safety instructions given in data sheet entitled, "Hazards and Handling Precautions Bulletin for CORDOBOND Resin Systems."