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Concentrated Black Colorant for Automotive Components

PDI 11-88051 concentrated black colorant for automotive components molded of low-profile SMC/BMC/TMC extends shelf life with no effect on curing.

It is a smooth, workable and highly concentrated paste colorant that improves maturation stability and color uniformity in low-profile SMC/BMC/TMC systems. It is 100 percent reactive with all polyester resin formulations and has virtually no effect on physical properties. Color concentration is 30 percent higher than with previously offered blacks, resulting in lower colorant usage and greater economy.

Unlike carbon blacks and iron oxide blacks, PDI 11-88051 does not accelerate the maturation of compounds, thereby extending shelf life by 10 to 30 days depending on material formulation and storage conditions, allowing resin to be purchased in larger quantities.

Because the colorant does not inhibit curing (polymerization), de-mold time remains unaffected.

Intense coloration is achieved while significantly reducing the mottling, color separation and streaking typically caused by the thermoplastic component in low-profile systems.

PDI 11-88051 is competitively priced with carbon and iron oxide blacks, and is available off-the-shelf in five-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.

Typical applications

The colorant can be used in all low-profile SMC/BMC/TMC automotive Class A exterior applications where extended shelf life, uniform coloration and cost effectiveness are desired:

  • Automobile hoods
  • Rear decks
  • Fender extenders
  • Spoilers
  • Door panels
  • Rocker panels

Colorant properties

  • Viscosity @ 77ºF
  • Weight per gallon
  • Stability @ 150ºF
  • Pigment loadings 30 percent
  • Carrier/vehicle - Unsaturated polyester
  • Hegman grind 6+