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Pigment Dispersions in "Dry" Polyether Polyol Resin: PDI Type 34-Dry

PDI Type 34 "dry" colorants are smooth, workable pastes formulated for processors of urethane elastomers using 4,4' diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) prepolymers.

Urethanes used to produce elastomers are more sensitive to moisture than foam systems because water and the isocyanate react and give off CO2, which creates porosity. Because this is undesirable in elastomers, Ferro developed Type 34 "dry" formulations which prevent moisture from entering the system through the addition of color. Type 34 "dry" color dispersions undergo special processing to eliminate the moisture typically found in the virgin resin vehicle and in the pigments themselves.

Type 34 "dry" dispersions are available in viscosities to your specifications.

Colorant vehicle

General-purpose, urethane-grade polyether polyol. Hydroxyl number 56, M/WT 3000, 100 percent solids.

Typical applications

  • Self-skinning and high-density molded foams
  • Flexible, rigid and semi-rigid foams
  • RIM (reaction injection molding)
  • Urethane elastomers, castings, films and coatings

Types of pigments

  • Chemical resistant
  • FDA compliant
  • FD&C compliant
  • Fluorescent
  • Heat stable
  • Heavy metal free
  • Organic
  • Inorganic
  • Light stable
  • Pearlescent

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