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Pigment Dispersions in Polyester Polyol Resin: PDI Type 33

PDI Type 33 colorants are smooth, workable pastes comprised of the highest-quality pigments dispersed in a polyester polyol vehicle, totally reactive with all isocyanates. These colorants are available in a range of viscosities to meet your specifications, allowing the use of metering pumps for precise control of color ingredient.

Colorant vehicle

General-purpose, urethane-grade polyester polyol.

Hydroxyl number 220, M/WT 500, 100 percent solids.

Typical applications

  • Flexible, rigid and semi-rigid foams
  • RIM (reaction injection molding)
  • Self-skinning and high-density molded foams
  • Urethane elastomers, castings, films and coatings

Types of pigments

  • Chemical resistant
  • FDA compliant
  • FD&C compliant
  • Fluorescent
  • Heat stable
  • Heavy metal free
  • Organic
  • Inorganic
  • Light stable
  • Pearlescent