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SPECTRAFLO® liquid colorants

SPECTRAFLO® liquid colorants for thermoplastics are available in a range of specialized vehicles offering compatibility with all polyolefins, styrenics and engineering resins. These highly concentrated dispersions are incorporated at letdown ratios as high as 1,000 parts resin to one part color, minimizing cost and effects on physical properties.

The liquid colorant is injected into the feed throat of injection, extrusion or blow molding machines using peristaltic metering pumps, allowing fine-tuning of color levels during molding, reducing color changeover times to 10 minutes, and eliminating the need to empty and/or dry natural resin in the hopper. Primary base colors are maintained in stock for rapid, low-cost blending of custom colors in small or large volumes.

Ferro maximizes color concentration by loading up to 80 percent pigment into liquid and paste vehicles, so you purchase and ship less carrier, while you increase letdown ratios significantly.

Dry pigment agglomerates (left, 400x) are reduced to individual particles (right, 400x) which are wet-out in suspension, preventing reagglomeration and boosting uniformity and opacity of the original pigment by 50 to 80 percent.

By utilizing specialized vehicles, total compatibility is ensured for every polyolefin and engineering resin, virtually eliminating effects on physical properties.

Resin-matched vehicles also promote rapid and complete distribution of concentrated color into your resin, even with transparent color tints, to letdowns of 1,000:1.

At the processing plant, single-pigment base colors are maintained in stock for rapid, low-cost blending of custom color matches in any small or large quantity.

In addition, functional additives such as anti-static agents, slip aids, chemical blowing agents and UV stabilizers and absorbers may be incorporated into the colorant. Such multi-additive packages enable the plastics processor to monitor all additives by monitoring only the color.

Blowing agent 91-00002
This pourable, nitrogen-type (exothermic) blowing agent for thermoplastics is stable, non-toxic, non-discoloring and odorless.
General-purpose liquid color for thermoplastics
Ferro’s concentrated, low-viscosity liquids are comprised of the highest-quality pigments dispersed in proprietary vehicles, compatible with most thermoplastics and engineering resins.
Liquid colors for polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
Liquid colors for PET are comprised of heat-stable colors dispersed in a proprietary heat-stable vehicle that is compatible with PET.