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Blowing agent 91-00002

SPECTRAFLO® 91-00002 is a pourable, nitrogen-type (exothermic) blowing agent that is stable, non-toxic, non-discoloring and odorless. It is generally utilized to eliminate sink marks or reduce weight, and is compatible with a broad range of resins including most olefins and styrenics, as well as acetals, acrylics, TPR, PVC, EVA, CA, CAB and ABS. Diverse molding applications range from furniture and tool handles to building products and shipping pallets; extrusion applications range from pipe and profile molding to plastic lumber and foam board.

Liquid metering pump

A reliable, low-cost peristaltic metering pump injects liquid additives directly above the plasticating screw of injection molding and extrusion machines. Only the feed tube comes in contact with peristaltic pump rollers.

Natural resin in the hopper never requires emptying, eliminating the shutdown time required to dry preblended resin.

Technical data specifications

Form Yellow liquid
Active ingredient                                                    50 percent
Gas/gram -110 cc at STP
Recommended usage 1 - 3 percent

~ 15,000 cps

Processing temperature* 360° F (180° C) minimum
Weight per gallon

~ 10.08 lbs. 


5-gallon pail
30-gallon drum
*Accelerators or retarders may be added to alter the active temperature
FDA Application: REGULATION NO.:
Closures and sealing gaskets in food contact 121.2550 (2.0 % max.)
Rubber articles in contact with food (repeated use) 121.2562 (5.0 % max.)
Foam polyethylene in food contact 177.1520 (5.0 % max.)
MSDS Sheets available upon request.

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