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Ferro Enamels Help Office Building Make Bold Statement

Ferro’s S1de ONE architectural glass colors have been used to decorate part of the Mahler4 complex in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Mahler4 Office Tower is part of an inner city complex consisting of buildings designed by nine international architects that is used for offices and housing but also boasts an impressive leisure complex of retail shops, cafes, restaurants and a sports centre.

This contemporary construction based on a stacked block structure creates an expressive landmark which appears different from every angle. The Mahler4 office tower – the so-called the Rock Building – consists of three distinct sections, connected by a combination of transparent and printed glass elements that use Ferro’s S1de ONE enamels applied to surface 1. S1de ONE colors were chosen by the architects to add an extra dimension to the overall decorative effect of the Rock’s unusual design.

S1de ONE includes a heavy metal free glass formula with exceptional chemical, UV and weather resistance properties, allowing the application of colors to the outside surface of buildings. There is a basic range of seven colors, which are intermixable to give a wide range of color possibilities. In addition, the range includes special effects like etch, and combination prints can simulate wood, stone and metals.

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