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Ferro Improves Organic Inks for Decorating Container Glass

Driven initially by environmental, health and safety factors and glass packaging legislation outlawing the use of intentional additions of heavy metals, there has been a growing trend toward the use of organic inks for decorating bottles, drinking glasses and other tableware items, especially where cadmium-free reds are specified in the design.

Ferro’s latest generation of organic inks are designed to be more user-friendly, whereby inks can be more easily overprinted to produce multi-color designs on either single-trip or returnable glass bottles. Ferro’s inks meet global standards for color control, chemical and abrasion resistance, required to pass filling line, bottle washing and transportation tests. The current generation of HTP inks has the added advantage of not requiring any special pre-treatment to improve adhesion for the returnable glass bottles market.

The inks are being used on more and more brands for soft drinks, liquor, cosmetics, perfumes, drinking glasses and tableware.

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