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Ferro Heightens High-Voltage Capacitor Performance in Medical Equipment

As multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) component requirements change, Ferro has developed new products that facilitate higher voltages, thinner dielectric layers, higher operating temperatures. These new products are made without cadmium and lead.

For applications requiring high reliability and non-magnetic materials, Ferro developed dielectric products that co-fire with a high silver content instead of base metals that contain nickel. ULF272 is one such material, with a typical K-value of 2800 and an X7R operating range of -55 to +125 C. For higher temperature applications, we’ve developed ULF202HT with a K-value of 2000 and an X8R operating range of -55 to +150 C.
Ferro is currently developing a K4000 X7R product specially designed for the thicker layers required for high-voltage applications.

Learn more about X7R and other formulated dielectric compositions.