Terminations for Multi-layer Chip Capacitors and ML-VDR chips

Solderable Ag Based

Product Code Metal Firing (°C) Application
61901445 Ag 760-800 Standard solderable Ag termination
64770027 AgPd 95/5 780-820 Low Pd/low cost termination for adhesive fixing of chip. Excellent humidity stability
64770016 AgPd 75/25 770-830 Leach resistant AgPd (75/25) termination
64770020 AgPd 80/20 650-750 Low fire AgPd (80/20) termination
64770018 AgPdPt 80/20 740-780 High leach resistant AgPdPt termination.

Plateable Ag Based

Product Code Metal Firing (°C) Application
TM63-150 Ag 650-730 Very slow drying dippable termination for MLC
61220004 Ag 730-830 Low viscosity ink for brushing and spraying, directly solderable or plateable
61710070 Ag 730-770 Dippable termination MLC and VDR
61720012 Ag 600-650 For low fire application such as MLV
TM64-118 AgPd 730-780 For array striping application
TM64-121 AgPd 700-760 Dippable termination for larger MLV chip sizes (MLCC, MLV, Ferrites)
TM64-122 AgPd 650-710 Dippable termination for MLV

Cu Based Termination

Product Code Metal Firing (°C) Application
TM50-083 Cu 800-830 For Palomar/ ESI systems, Plateable

Pb/Cd Free 
All other products comply with EU RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC with regard to exemption of lead contained in the glass system of thick film materials used in electronic components