A leading manufacturer of electronic and technical glasses, Ferro has 80+ years of glass development expertise and a database of 3,000+ formulations. We can assist in your development and technology programs to create next-generation devices.

Glass Powders

Our high quality glass powders are offered in a wide spectrum of standard products, as well as specialized custom and proprietary formulations.

Our manufacturing capabilities range from developmental lots of < 1 kg to continuous production lots in multi-ton volumes. Various gas and electric melter designs and capabilities are available, using platinum, high purity refractory, or “glass” lined water-cooled units.

Ferro’s electronic glass facility has been ISO 9002 certified since 1992, and insures high quality and consistency through 100% lot inspection.

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Glass Paste

Ferro can offer unique solutions to demanding applications. Standard products include sealing glass paste for ceramic, metal, and glass packages and substrates. Ferro also offers specialty sealing glasses for wafer-level MEMS packaging and other micro-mechanical devices such as vibration, YAW, and accelerometer sensors.

Pb/Cd Free 
All other products comply with EU RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC with regard to exemption of lead contained in the glass system of thick film materials used in electronic components