Polymer Systems

Polymer Systems for FR4 substrate, Fire Temperature 125 - 200°C

Application Product Description
Ag Conductors P2131 Removable silver polymer designed for electroplating or preassembly testing in PCBs
P2546 Termination conductor for potentiometers
EA044 Two part epoxy Ag conductor for flexible electronics
Resistors P3900 Series 10 ohm/square to 100 Kohm/square, ± 700 to ± 1000 ppm/°C TCR
Overcoat P6280C Series Hard, durable surface; available in blue, green, black, and white

Pb/Cd Free 
All other products comply with EU RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC with regard to exemption of lead contained in the glass system of thick film materials used in electronic components