HIC Ag-based Systems

Ferro’s Silver-based system of conductors, resistors and dielectrics is designed for high volume, cost-sensitive applications in the Telecommunication, Automotive, Medical, Consumer, and Industrial markets. Ferro’s Silver Multi-layer system delivers high performance and the flexibility of mixed metals for top conductor and a compatible resistor system for demanding hybrid circuit applications.

Ag-Based Single-layer Application for Alumina Substrates, 850 °C Fire

Application Product Description
Ag Conductors CN33-801 General purpose, low cost, solderable, plateable silver
CN33-802 Feed through-hole applications, solderable
CN33-803 Termination conductor for dipping processes, solderable, plateable silver
CN33-805 < 500 °C Fireable Ag Conductor for Ceramic, Glass, and metal substrates
CN33-479 < 600 °C Fireable Ag Conductor for Ceramic, Glass, and metal substrates
ERC3059 Platable silver conductor, Cd Free
ER2625F Thick print silver
ER2606S < 650 °C plateable silver
AgPd Conductors CN34-803 3:1, Excellent initial and aged adhesion properties, solderable
ER2073 3:1 Ag/Pd Solderable with excellent leach resistance and adhesion, Cd Free
CN34-806 6:1, Excellent initial and aged adhesion properties, solderable
CN34-810 10:1, High speed printing, excellent adhesion in harsh environments
CN34-820 20:1, Excellent initial and aged adhesion properties, solderable
ER2048 50:1 Ag/Pd High conductivity 525 °C firing
CN34-870 70:1 AgPd, solderable
CN34-899 99:1 AgPd, solderable
AgPdPt, AgPt Conductors CN37-801 Good solderability, high conductivity and excellent adhesion, um wirebondable
CN37-802 Outstanding solder leach and silver migration resistance, solderable
ER2017N Excellent solder, leach resistant and silver migration
ER2554T High conductivity, superior print properties, for cost sensitive applications
Fugitive Ink DL10-101 Carbon Fugitive Ink for channels and chambers
Marking Inks DL11-135/136 Black/White Marking Inks
Dielectric ER7015C Blue, Crystallizing, dense, hermetic
Resistor SMMR-U-F Series 1 ohm/square to 10 M ohm/square, TCR ± 100 ppm/°C
ER8100H Series 10 ohm/square to 1 M ohm/square, TCR ± 100 ppm/°C, low noise
Overglaze DL11-045 Green, 505 °C Firing
ER1909B N2 fireable overglaze, 850 °C Firing
ER7515D Plating resistant clear overglaze, 600 °C Firing
ER7517D Acid resistant black overglaze, 600 °C Firing
ER7520M Green, 850 °C Firing
DL11-194 Green, 600 °C Firing, Acid-resistant

Pb/Cd Free 
All other products comply with EU RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC with regard to exemption of lead contained in the glass system of thick film materials used in electronic components