Hybrid Integrated Circuit (HIC) Thick Film Materials

Our HIC thick film material systems are widely used in telecommunications, automotive, medical, consumer, and military applications. Ferro also offers RoHS-compliant systems and a wide range of lead- and cadmium-free pastes.

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Silver-Based Systems:

Gold-Based Systems:

Specialty Resistor Systems:

Materials for High Brightness LEDs:

Specialty Products:

Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) Systems

Ferro offers a range of LTCC materials for packages, substrates, and modules used in medical electronics, consumer A/V, computers, wireless handsets, automotive subassemblies, data/telecom infrastructure equipment, and defense/aerospace.

  • Design Guide for Ferro LTCC Materials
  • A6M Tape System – High frequency Au based material set for military, aerospace, and high reliability applications up to 110 GHz
  • L8 Tape System – Easy to process, versatile Ag, Mixed metal, and Au-based material set for data, telecom, automotive, aerospace, medical and other high reliability applications up to 40 GHz