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Ferro Introduces Advanced Water-Based Products for Ceramic Tile Decoration

Ferro Inks 4.0, developed in a more cost-effective, eco-friendly water-based medium, is the next generation in Ferro’s digital tile decoration products. KeramINKS 4.0 offers 10 new colors that deliver greater color intensity, larger particle size (up to 3 microns), and third-firing decoration. InksNova 4.0 is designed for new matt, glossy, white and lustre effects. Ferro Digital Glaze Jet offers glazes that can be applied via digital printing. Each of these products can be applied with new generation printheads that discharge high quantities of material on the tile surface.

Ferro Inks 4.0 earned Ferro the coveted Alfa de Oro Award at Cevisama, the international ceramics industry exhibition, in February 2014. Established in 1979 by the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass, the annual award recognizes technological and artistic innovation within the ceramics industry. 

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