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Our People

Our people are what make Ferro an exceptional, exciting company. We are of many cultures and backgrounds, yet united under one purpose: to deliver innovative solutions and unmatched value for our customers.

Vice President, Europe and Performance Coatings

“Our people understand concepts like delivering improved performance, innovation, growth, integrating people with different cultures from acquisitions into the Ferro family. We have learned how to perform as a leading company.”
Vice President, Asia Pacific 

“At Ferro, we want our people to be entrepreneurial and take ownership of their responsibilities.  It’s a fast changing business environment, and our people win by acting quickly, taking ownership, and putting their passion to work for our customers.”
Vice President, the Americas and Color Solutions, Innovation and Strategic Marketing

“Our people need to be change agents who are willing to go that extra distance to change systems, structures and policies that don’t fit the strategy. Change is rooted in our culture. If we are constantly changing, we won’t return to the status quo. We only get better.”
Vice President, Europe and Performance Colors and Glass

“Our people are our most important assets. They understand their roles in implementing the company’s strategy. Communication and cooperation with our people is key to our success. Managing their talents very well sets the base for the future of our company.”
Group Vice President, Global Operations

“Our diverse workforce is able to understand and serve our equally diverse customer base. We value and respect cultural difference, and as an organization, we benefit from the diverse talents, experiences and ideas of our people. Our people are clearly our strength!”



Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

”Ferro has successfully transformed into a recognized innovator in our space. This has allowed us to attract so many talented people. We truly have an entrepreneurial spirit and our people around the world thrive and grow and contribute at a high level in this entrepreneurial environment.”
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

“What’s important for us is to make sure that we are uniting everyone under one purpose and then empowering each person to play a critical part in the evolution of the Ferro strategy. Our people have played a very important role historically and are going to play an even more important role going forward.”
Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

“Our people are highly skilled, knowledgeable and completely focused on doing business with integrity. They have respect for their constituency and are simply great people who are focused on doing the right thing.”
Vice President, Human Resources

“Ferro is a company in which the international possibilities are huge. The opportunities to travel or to interact with people in other countries, of other cultures, are incredible. This is something that typically brings our people a lot of personal and professional enrichment.”