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Associate Spotlight

Daniel Gottschalk
Technical Sales Manager - Automotive, Frankfurt
“Ferro inspires me because I feel trusted to bring new ideas to the table. There’s truly room for new ideas and fresh thinking. My daily experience involves taking on interesting and challenging projects with great colleagues from all around the world.”
Jordi Corbera
Pigments Application Lab Manager, Barcelona, Spain
“Innovative thinking is one of the company’s main values, and it’s a very important value to me as well. Ferro is betting on talented, young people, and is helping us to develop the skills we will need for the future.”
Sourcing Manager - Ceramic Colors, Sidorajo, Indonesia
“Being a part of the Ferro family is a valuable experience and journey in my life. I always feel trusted and get the support I need to reach my full potential. I’m really looking forward to growing as a professional with Ferro.”